4 definitions by raekwon

the hardest rapper in the game, gut fucked up by pussy ass p.diddy. fucking fagged.
nigga can spit like shyne
by raekwon March 25, 2004
1 - the 40-day period from Ash Wednesday until Easter, observed by many Christians as a time for penitence, fasting, and devotion.

2 - the 40 days immediately following Mardi Gras, when all sins from that day are supposedly forgiven, regardless.
He felt bad for raping that drunk girl in her hotel room on Bourbon St, but then he remembered that Lent began the next day.
by raekwon February 28, 2004
a misspelling of penance
Someone obviously doesn't know how to spell.
by raekwon February 28, 2004
jake rebuk ... o yes!
by raekwon September 26, 2003

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