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Lemures are the least of the Baatezu. A lemure is a gelatinous mass of flesh, extremely resilient to attacks. The only way to harm one is with an enchanted weapon. They are too stupid to think, and are typically used as meat shields by the Baatezu in their war against the tanar'ri.
The only thing making a lemure more dangerous than a goblin is the fact that they can't be harmed by ordinary weapons.
by Theos April 18, 2007
Lemures (lem yours)

Lemures, in popular fangirl culture, is known as one of the foundations and reasons for female masturbation. (sometimes male, though most males won't admit it)
1. "I need to masturbate." *whips out a picture of Lemures*
2. "I need to masturbate again." *whips out another picture of Lemures*
by MissCheena July 29, 2009
Probably the most pathetic of the Devils. Lemures are slaves and conscripts for the larger and more powerful devils. Lemures are ugly blobs, about 5 feet tall and about 100 lbs. Lemures are so stupid that they can't think for themselves. But they can receive telepathic messages.
That huge devil threw a lemure at me! This stuff isn't going to come out of my padded armor for weeks.
by Pit Fiend November 23, 2004
Lemures are the souls of evil creatures brought back to life again on a lower plane of existance. they look like a human-shaped candle melted into a blob of goo. Lemures are slow and not too bright.they serve mainly as cannon fodder for more powerful devilish creatures, blocking your path to their superiors and getting in the way of your attacks.
they are similar to ghosts or specters
by smurf August 17, 2004
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