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2 definitions by Shannon6

only the greatest animal that ever existed
A. Hey aren't lemurs awesome?
B. Yes, I'm gonna get a pet one and name it little Slow Rider.
by Shannon6 November 02, 2007
24 10
New code name for marijauna. Frequently used because terms like mary jane, reefer, trees, rabbits, kelp, grass and so forth are easily recognized. With this term you can talk about it anywhere at anytime.
Also appropriately named after the common candy made by Wonka.
A. OMG Laffy Taffy is amazing
Teacher. Ah it never excited me.
A. OH it will once you try it.
^notice how that converstaion can be easily miscontruyed.
A. Hey man I just got some laffy taffy.
B. Great, we'll have to do it up tonight.
by Shannon6 November 02, 2007
5 26