A girl who is ugly, but crazy (good) in the sack. This is likely to be because of the Rapper Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez who was ugly, but had a wild personality. This is the opposite of an Aaliyah
Guy 1: man you hooked up with Lily?!? Damn she's ugly.

Guy 2: Yeah but she's a total Left Eye. It was like Bella Loves Jenna.
by TGPFTW October 01, 2011
to burn someone's house down
That Bitch just left eyed that nigga's house down
by JJJfr3rf3fr3f3rf3 October 03, 2006
1. A person with a vision deficiency in their left eye
2. Person with unusually bulbous head whose eyes are too far apart resulting in partial blindness in the left eye
3. Kumara
1. Ha, left eye!
2. Ah, dont point it at my right eye, you'll blind me
by Kraut June 04, 2004

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