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abbreviation of lecher. Generally used as an exclamation or an insult.
"You're such a lech!" (said to a young man who is trying to look up one's skirt)
by Shelly Webster January 24, 2005
Lech - 1. A Sexual Desire

Lech - 2. An Elite Booter on Yahoo in Japanese Anime:1

Lech - 3. Repeat Lech 3 times in a dark room and a polish guy will appear in your room to kick your arse.
1. So you wanna go have some Lech?

2. Who's booting me off yahoo? Probably Lech

3. Lech Lech Lech......
by Neo.Zero March 09, 2006
A person, place or beer company
Lech 0wnz0r j00r m0mz0r
by Bob Barker September 04, 2003
a polish gay who like to look up young girls skirts. Be careful, avoid him at all costs
quick katie thats lech over there run away
by soJo May 03, 2005