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When you are in a long term relationship and then one person announces in front of all your friends they are leaving you for someone else.
Wow did u see joeys totally lebroned chelsea the other night at alex's graf party?
by cavsfan937 July 09, 2010
to be tricked, betrayed, or lied to; to have the hope or promise of something great and have it disappear in front of you, usually blatantly in public
Everyone in Ohio just got lebroned after the ESPN hour-long special.

I went to McDonalds and ordered a box of 20 piece nuggets and got lebroned with ten when I opened them up at home.
by quitness July 09, 2010
to get strung along over a long period of time with the implicit notion that a great partnership will be the reward for showing commitment. then at the moment of the anticipated union, a betrayal in epically cruel fashion takes place. leaving the loyal party feeling devastated while the other runs off with another 'sexier' partner. the betrayer pointing to the logical nature of "the decision", while completely ignoring the abject cruelty of it's delivery.
I was dating a friend once and after we got back from a Caribbean vacation she totally Lebroned me for some guy she worked with. We don't speak anymore.

I once had this great invention and an investor came to look at my product. I never heard from him again, but I was totally Lebroned when a year later I saw that guy on the cover of Forbes with my idea.
by nigel July 29, 2010
To have sexual relations with said person's mother or female custodian.
1. Bill Clinton LeBroned you, yo!

2. Forrest Gump got LeBroned by the principal.
by Erichowyadoin' May 20, 2010
Getting owned or dunked on in basketball
Guy 1: Did you see that play?!?!

Guy 2: Ya man that dude got LeBroned!
by MikeR722 February 01, 2009
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