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To best one of the best basketball players in the world, yet speak as if you have not been educated beyond your high school years.
A Lebronics tweet goes as follows: Dose peepul will pay for kriticizing my deecision to play four da HEET. I am keeping mental notes. Wait...isn't dat da same as thinking????
by C-DOGG72 August 11, 2010
When the NFL is to cheap to pay experienced/established NFL refs more money, so they hire high school referees to officiate their games for 1/10 of the cost. So what does the nation see on Monday Night Football to end the game? A TOUCHCEPTION.
ESPN announcer: "Last play of the game. Here comes the hail mary by Russell Wilson. He throws it up.....CAUGHT! NO! INTERCEPTED!...NO!...it's a TOUCHCEPTION??"

Ref#1: "Did you see that? Yes we agree.....INTERCEPTION"

Ref #2: "Yes i seen it. Yes I agree....TOUCHDOWN"
by c-dogg72 September 25, 2012
When a female tells a man that she has had unprotected sex with, that she is pregnant. Although this is not true, she then asks him for abortion money. In a panic, the man quickly gets the money... even if he has to borrow it.....SUCKER!! She then goes shopping with the money.
Here is how 'The Abortion Scam' dialogue goes....

Michelle: Wow Amy, how can you afford that Prada bag?

Amy: I just told Todd, Joe, Mike, and Don that i was pregnant. $1,200 later...i bought my bag!!
by C-DOGG72 July 17, 2010
A woman who births ugly daughters.
Popularized by Mike "The Situation" from the MTV hit series Jersey Shore.
Donald says to Matt.."Damn that Michelle is ugly!!"
Matt says..."So is all of Michelle's sisters. Michelle's mother is obviously a grenade launcher"
by C-DOGG72 August 28, 2010

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