When something unexpected, strange, and indescribable happens to you.
My friend's vacation got canceled at the last minute by Blackout 2003. Then he had to walk 80 blocks home and up 25 flights of stairs with a bum leg and a huge suitcase. Man did he get Leafed.
by nips August 18, 2003
Top Definition
Getting fucked up off pain killers
In honor of Ryan leaf, I'm gonna take these hydros, perks, and Oxys and get leafed
by bsquad January 27, 2015
To get rear ended.
I was driving and slammed on my breaks so hard I almost got Leafed.
by J.Baker February 10, 2015
Of or pertaining to the cannabis plant, getting "blazed", "stoned", smoking some "tree" (hence the leaf origin).

The act of becoming leafed, or leafing, is becoming stoned, or blazing.
"dude, we getting leafed tonight?"

"Bro im still so shot from last nights leaf sesh. can we just get shmaaawww instead?

"no dude im leafing tonight i need to release some stress"

"iight well im not a stone-head so im not leafing, peace leafer"
by WH12 October 12, 2009
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