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Abbreviation for Canadian Hockey League
- "Which league you play in ?"
- "CHL"
- "CHL ?"
- "Canadian Hockey League"
by roooarg February 07, 2008
Abbreviation for Concealed Handgun Liscence
You have to take a state-approved course and pay some considerable fees to become a CHL holder in Texas, but it's worth it.
by JJR1971 February 02, 2007
An abbreviation of Crack Ho Lane.
Specifically in reference to Kalakua Rd in Waikiki, Oahu.
The street where all of the prostitutes and crack hos line up at 2 a.m. asking you if you want to have a "good time". Their home base is the Denny's just down the street.
Tom: So what do you guys want to do tonight?
Bill: Let's go walk around for a little
Tom: Anywhere in particular?
Bill: How about we take a stroll down CHL
Bob: I don't understand why you guys are obsessed with that place.
Bill: It's the CHL, that's why.
by Team Hawaii April 12, 2007
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