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It can be used to describe somthing that is "old" or "broken".
"Dude that bike is lead"
by chippy009 May 27, 2006
38 26
Bullet; see slugs
Fill yo ass wit lead
by AC June 02, 2003
98 36
bullets fired from a gun, gun shots
If you don't watch your back you will get hit with lead.
by The Return of Light Joker October 01, 2007
64 41
A joke that gets no response. Contraction of the phrase a'lead balloon'.
that's a lead, bro
by Dint Garrison August 11, 2003
32 28
A fun, spunky, and very talented Japanese pop group made up of four boys: Hiroki Nakadoi, Akira Kagimoto, Keita Furuya, and Shinya Taniuchi.

They are giant dorks who deserve much love for their hilarious antics. <3

Lead (pronounced leed) are also associated with w-inds. and FLAME, and are under the same record label/management company (Flight Master and Pony Canyon). Collectively, they are known as wFL.
Lead are teh secks. Especially when crossdressing.
by blackroseasylum July 03, 2005
67 72
1- Fr3nsyc's favourite community member. 2- The sexiest man since Antonio Banderas.
You ain't no Lead', you is a Lud baby!
by Hyland October 30, 2003
2 7
A "lead" is a slang term describing a black guy and is short for lead suspect. If something bad happens, you can usually thank a lead...
Chris: Hey Nick, I think some leads have been here...

Nick: How come?

Chris: Cause a bunch of shit is missing!!!
by Nagdraggin09 March 14, 2009
14 23