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A person who is unpleasant, those who wreck your image. adjective: haters.
"Them seasoned haters give me salty looks (pause) Lawry's."
As per Kanye West in "Good Life"
by Paolo123 September 15, 2007
A hater, somebody that is jealous of you because you are wealthier or flyer than they are.
"Haters give me them salty looks, Lawry's"-kanye west
by Blue_cannonhawk October 07, 2007
n. Derived from the Lawry's brand of seasoning salt, a lawry is a hater, or anyone whose presence is unwanted or unpleasant. Lawry defines one who is upset, or salty, hence the Lawry's reference.

v. to get angry and/or display displeasure
to interfere in one's plans, "throw salt in one's game

adj. the description of one whose characteristics are lawry
"...unseasoned haters give me them salty looks; lawrys."

"I didn't talk to her last night, so Lyss was being real lawry with me today."

"All the lawry girls come out on Friday nights."

"Get lawry with them haters!"
by Lucas Gabriel November 26, 2007
When a person is embarrassed or humiliated. It can also mean when a person is angry at another.

Sara was so lawrys after everyone found out she prostituted herself on Calle Ocho.

Paul was so lawrys when I told Pusscar that he liked her.
by 1234556 January 16, 2008
people that hate you just because your rich or got it going on, in wich they dont even know you.
lawries givin me them salty looks
by kolton_22 October 25, 2007
A Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.
"Yo, it's got to be me 'cause I'm seasoned, haters givin' me salty looks, Lawry's" (refers to Lawry's' seasoned salt.)
by Ankher October 24, 2007
a brand of Seasoned salt that was used as a lyric in the song "Good Life" by Kanye West featuring T-Pain.

It refers to a "hater"
Pop the trunk, I pop the hood Ferrari
and she got the goods, she got thee ass I got to look, I'm sorry
The seasoned haters give me thee salty looks

Good Life by Kanye West ft. T-Pain
by jorgepfan March 15, 2009
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