A messican's tool for his career.
"Oye, Juan, I need the lawn mower back to feed mi familia, ese"
by Messican April 07, 2003
When a girl with braces gives you a blow job and cuts all your pubes
I gave your husband a lawn mower
by Lova man May 17, 2015
A person who takes or steals another person's partner from them also known as grasscutting.
Boy: dude he fully took your chick!
Boy # 2 : that fucken lawnmower !

Boy : man that dude full grasscut you.
Boy #2: Whatta lawnmower.
by whoevauwantme2be. December 04, 2010
1. A tool used to cut the green stuff around your house, if you have any.

2. A tool used to ferry you around the countryside if your a ghetto-country-welfarerat type who can't afford/is too-lazy-to-work-for a car of any kind.

3. A tool used to shave a womans pubic hair.
1. Glad I live in a desert where grass is virtualy nonexistent.

2. Hey wassup! Lets hop on tha lawn mower and take a trip to D's house.

3. Dammit, the lawn mowers gone and my date will be here in minutes!
by notawelfarerat November 11, 2010
Similar to a chainsaw except the lawnmower occurs when pubic hair is pulled out via the braces during the vigorous rubbing motion.

technically, both males and females can be chainsawed, and thus lawnmowered, but the act is typically more likely to occur on females.
I accidentally lawnmowered panda last night when going down on her, but she needed to shave that bush anyway.
by panda_star April 30, 2009
One whom mows lawns / Tyler.
You have to mow your lawns again?!
Damn, what are you,
lawn mower?
by Tyler Kadell October 13, 2007
A sexual position where the guy holds on to the girls legs and fucks her as the girl is walking on the floor while chomping at the rug, very much like a lawn mower
I didnt find out that my girlfriend was a screamer until I fucked her in the lawn mower position
by Joe Harrold January 14, 2006

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