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someone you find attractive
when i was walking the mall i scoped out some nice eye candy
by stoph March 01, 2004
a device used by men for masterbating. usual made with socks, towles and gloves or a condom
tank in cell block 4 is the best fee fee maker in all lock down kid !
by stoph March 01, 2004
beer,one of the best pale al's ive ever had
listen bitch i want a sieera nevada pale al right F'en NOW !
by stoph April 06, 2005
a erect penis also known as a "boner".
i woke up in the morning with a mean case of cotton mouth, i rolled over to get a drink of water put i couldent reach it because my kick stand was out !!!!
by stoph September 01, 2004
a comical dance move. first start out by starting the mower by pulling the chord start then cruse your virtual mower around the dance floor and be admired by all. the posibilitys are endless with this one so have fun and be safe.
when felling overwelmed by all thoes new fancy dance moves dont worry about your two left feet.the lawnmower is a all american favorite.
by stoph March 01, 2004
a lame ass cheat used in counter strike that makes u run like 10 times quicker then anyone else
wheres a admin at anal sex with a black woman is hax hes running a speed hax
by stoph April 06, 2005
a set of speedo's with a large penis inside
i hate when i go to the beach and i see some lame ass in a bannana hamick walking around selling cocaine
by stoph March 01, 2004

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