Boy: Are you a Virgin
Girl: No!
Boy: So lets have sex
Girl: Why?
Boy: So I can make you L.A.V.A
Girl: L.A.V.A
Boy: Feel Like A Virgin Again..
Girl: Ohhh!
by iToriable April 05, 2011
to have another; like when someone is done with a shot
John : Here's your shot of tequila
Bill: *Gulp* I think I'll lava nother
by Luke Bo March 24, 2007
(n) Molten rock usually found in the earth's core or crust. Very fun to throw at people, if you can handle it!
You suck man, you suck, I'm going to throw lava at you because you suck.
by Lord Turtledove May 08, 2003
meaning something is really neat/cool...

That outfit on the shelf is lava.
by Jerry P. May 22, 2007
male semen
"Lava is warm, lava is wet. Lava's so hot, it's makin' me sweat. Lava, hot lava!" -Chef from SouthPark
by exaestus August 31, 2003
A friend or person or acquiantance (sp?) who is up in the nana's. (If you dont know what "nana's" is, refer to it in the search portion of made by 2HotBlackWomen).
Naquaishia: Dang Lava! I lovin' yo new belt!

Douglita: Shiiiit. I bought it up in Walmart. Those lava's be havin' good prices n shit yo.

Both in unison: "YOU KNOW"
by 2HotBlackWomen March 28, 2005
Maybe. But your mom was good last night.
by uBer-l337 May 13, 2003
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