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4 definitions by hesthemanwiththegoldentouch

someone who is of lower human grade. The sort of person who doesn't know how hopelessly disrespected he/she is, and still thinks he/she is 'it'.
person 1: have you seen that scrat head trying to deal down in the kiddies play park?
person 2: yeh, people like him should lau off and die.
by hesthemanwiththegoldentouch May 26, 2009
A descriptive term used for something which is awesome beyond any prior comprehension. Similar to extreme. Used mostly by stereotypical 'boyz'. 'Hood' - something that a person may belong to, e.g community. 'Wang' - something that would be respected in this persons 'hood'
Person 1: this party is hoodwang.
Person 2: straight trippin'.....
by hesthemanwiththegoldentouch May 26, 2009
1. To partake in the act of having a marijuana cigarette, or spliff.
2. Used by Dog the bounty hunter as means of description when detailing what they intend to do to the person their head hunting.
Son 1: hey brahwhat you gunna do to that poom plex guy when you catch him?
Dog: il pray to the lord to give mercy on his soul, and then s'mo him goood....
by hesthemanwiththegoldentouch May 25, 2009
phonetically : 'l-ow'

From the Japanese from to 'fuck'. used in a derogatory way.
Person 1: Wanna go hang with some boyz?
Person 2: Lau dat man!
by hesthemanwiththegoldentouch May 26, 2009