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the stringy semen that is emitted from the penis, it is ropey in its nature
when your jacking off and the semen is just a long string and wont fly off your dink thats a roper
by Brenden March 08, 2005
Reference to the size or amount of large ejaculate deposite ejected during a male orgasim. The specific reference to number of spurts.
Tray unleashed a huge 8 roper on this girls chest right after he pulled out
by BooMer! November 18, 2008
the number of squerts that come from you penis during ejaculation.
"i saw Peter North land 9 ropers on this chick face."
by Tyler Henrich January 16, 2008
n. a huge shot of sperm that has impressive might.
Dude she was given me a handy and I blasted off an 18-roper all over her teddy bears.
by Dr. Dank Ph.D March 05, 2008
A type of multiplayer game for Worms: Armegeddon wherein the players use the Ninja Rope to perform tricks; invented and used by the players.
I am elite at roper!
by Andrew T September 06, 2003
an old man who cant get an erection but doesnt use viagra and has sex like he is ''playing pool with a piece of rope''
(if u didnt understand the rope is his dick and the hole on the pool table is the girls pussy)
a roper, pool table=vagina rope=cock add them together an poor old man with out viagra and only one chance to get it in
by BOOMchaKAlacka! December 01, 2010
Roper means that you got, some, bomb, ass, weed
That was some roper i was super zooted
by TIARA07 April 21, 2007
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