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pure jay as it is the term to describe ultimate coolness!!!
do u know sumfine hamo, jay is so lash!!
by jay o lash November 23, 2004
Insult to describe a coward or fearful individual in french or just plain twat.
Dan (paranoid dude): 'methinks i need to run!'
Max (chilled dude): 'stop being paranoid you lash'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin January 10, 2006
To make a fool of or totally embarrass somebody. Shorter form of to lash out someone.
We always lash Jeremy by pulling his pants down during PhysEd class.

Only the master knows how to lash someone like that!
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
The word lash cub be used 2 describe Nigel
Do u no Nigel?...He's LASH!
Lurgan is LASH
Hamo wishes he was LASH
by Nigel November 25, 2004
Jax Omen's obsseion, a solid CO for AW2
Lash, go out with me
by ninjaofdarkness March 30, 2004
Pal, friend, chum, mate
Whats up Lash
Pass me that fag, lash
by Loz October 18, 2003
wen u b lashin a mandem/galdem
ur basically avin sex init
standard procedure
i musta spot some beanie, got on him, lashim him str81
i lash some sket last nite! boi she sukk my dik dry!
by Laydee Krazee (d original!) December 01, 2005