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a word normally found in the jungles of, found mostly in the AM section. also commonly misspelled as "lance".
"Why you not lansed Unforgiven 3"
by DA_CLICK August 25, 2008
Pretty much the coolest town ever. Filled with amazing people, very funny, beautiful people, NO drugs, brown people, and other cool stuff.

WAY cooler than baraga, fyi.
"That girls from L'Anse, she's really hot!"
by Larry Coolah March 30, 2011
Tiny shit town in the UP of Michigan at the base of the thumb. Full of wannabe gangsters, stupid people, old ladies, religion, and deer.
Omg, people from L'Anse are sooo stupid
by kaleidoscopicity December 06, 2010
An environment to be enjoyed by a like minded (geeky) individuals
If you go down to the lanse today you're sure of a big surprise (from Sush) ;-)
by Bluey July 28, 2004
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