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to go make sushi. it is a very fun activity that many people can take part in. (pronounced soosh)
let's go sush.
i'm sushing.
let's open a restaurant and i can be the susher.
by ariell the extpert susher October 11, 2005
Sush is tiny pieces of shit that are projected from your ass when you fart normally.
Sure you didn't shart man? I can smell your sush from over here.
by axiosJ July 02, 2013
This is the skin between the woman's vagina and the woman's butthole. The female equivalent of the male gooch.
Girl: I worked out so hard my sush was even sweating
by jedimaster December 09, 2013
a women with a fat upper body and skinny bird like legs
Paige is such a sush
by sy snootles July 05, 2005
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