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was a gorgeous baby boy with big blue eyes. he loved attention, hugs and lollipops. although he left to go to heaven when he was only 5 months old, he still lives in the hearts of many. his favorite word was daddy, his favorite food was mashed potatoes and he loved to cuddle and especially loved to sing for mommy. hes the cutest little angel in heaven now.
rip landyn
#landyn #angel #baby #landon #landin
by riplandyn July 24, 2011
a beautiful blond hair blue eyes boy, he offen likes 2 ressel. he can be very loveable and he will stick up for the ones he loves, normaly popular and is shy but makes friends easlie ;loves his friends and will stick up for wut he beleaves in.
dude i do u see landyn over there.

ya everyone loves that guy hes really nice
#landyn #fun #cool #nice #loveable
by Melegurl September 04, 2011
big buck tooth ass nigga sucking dicks all the time can't keep them out his mouth
aye landyn can you suck this dick .
#gay #ass #lil dude #bopper #penis #licker
A white ass kid that goes to IHS and wears a brown shirt. He trys to be slick but gets caught using Urban Dictionary by the witch who camps outside the computer room. He has no skill at computer slickness and she, she's just a demon women.
hey look up this! Ok. *teacher looks through window. log off that computer. Wow your such a Landyn!
#poor #nonslick #gay #white #computer
by jose orozco May 24, 2011
Usually a blonde male with blue eyes, usually a hick that lives and works on a farm. A total ass hole with no life. Probably has an addiction to nicotene. is most likely to get pulled over for speeding. Most likely to be in special educated classes or slow classes. Usually gets high before, during, and after school and on the weekends. Some might mistake Landyn's for Rapists or Pedofiles. Landyn's birth certificates are usually apology letters from the condom factory.
"I just met this total hick"
"really what was he like?"
"he was a total loser, he was really ugly too."
"oh really? Sounds like a Landyn"
#landyn #lando #land #boy #ugly
by xhatexlandynx December 07, 2009
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