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Lancing is a large town in the south of england, 20 minutes from Brighton that is now home to a huge amount of chavs that live on one of many neighboring council estates. Rife with drugs and crime, a trip to one of these estates may be your last, as might a trip to somerfield as they congregate outside it of an evening. The only area able to escape this invasion is North Lancing, an area full of expensive houses and lovely quiet roads. Disturbingly, this is where a lot of Lancing's chavs live and probably where the LSM Crew (Lancing Sompting Massive)yes, really, was formed. All of the chavs from Lancing go to Boundstone Community College, where 99% of the students there have fallen victim to the chav epidemic.
Typical Lancing teenager:

'Oiii Chaz wana go sit outside Somerfield? Well bangin im well 'ardcore'
#larncing #lansing #chav town #town #boundstone
by Emo Ranger October 08, 2006
When two guys reverse scissor each other to have anal sex with each other at the same time.
Lee spent the weekend Lancing with Rocky in Seattle.
#lance #lancing #gay #anal #scissor
by Truthwriter October 30, 2007
When someone is on the search for tha booty.
Nigga 1: "Damn I could use some booty"
Nigga 2: "Nigga quit lancing you too damn ugly to get dat"
#booty #thirsty #nigga #damn #stahp
by loropocoro August 04, 2014
To be a total douchebag and break out in a high school musical dance in class.
Yo dude. wtf lance. - me


lololol. hes lancing"
#lance #lancing #douchebag #high #school #musical
by I MAKE WAFFLEZ June 08, 2010
Extreme steepening of nipples/extreme fit of dress. Also used when butt is showing out.
I just saw my mate lancing.
#lennoxing #nipples #butt #nipple #nips
by Mutate June 24, 2015
town which contains lots of massive losers, usually called squire.
this town is such a lancing
#lancing #poo #hot lunch #loser #alabama cheesecake
by squire poohead April 03, 2008
To masturbate (has to be a guy doing it)
I was lancing last night at the porno.
#whacking #jerking #rocking cock #cumming #jizzing
by pjbpjb August 24, 2009
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