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the act of 6 penetrations occurring simultaneously, specifically 2 penises in the anus, 2 penises in the vagina, and 2 penises in the mouth.
So this weekend JT and his buddies ran a dvam on Mrs. Mckenicka.
by Truthwriter December 14, 2007
this is when a male scandalously grabs another male's unit
ALT. lee'd
Epsinaca was walking out of the bathroom at Hamburger Mary's wiping the sweat off his brow and the cream from his cheek, when all of the sudden Kirkland popped out and diabolically lee'd him from out of nowhere! Kirkland often plots leeing on those who don't expect it.
by Truthwriter February 20, 2008
When two guys reverse scissor each other to have anal sex with each other at the same time.
Lee spent the weekend Lancing with Rocky in Seattle.
by Truthwriter October 30, 2007
When one male imposes a gay act on another male, any gay act.
Dirk walked up and down our row and Corey'd a few dudes, it was sketch. He was trying to teach everyone what leeing was.
by Truthwriter February 29, 2008
An amazing last name fit for a kind bighearted person.They are the best of family and friends. The most amazing people, loved by everyone. Very beautiful and handsome. Anyone who has them as friends are the luckiest in the world. Always happy and cheerful. Their hearts are always in the right place. They are gentle and very kind. Very smart and lovely. Very gorgeous. They are never rude or mean. They never intend to hurt anyone. They do tend to fall for the wrong person but find true love in the end. They are the best of people and always see the best in people. They always look on the bright side. Their minds are always set on the right idea. They are determined, fierce and filled with courage.
I'm glad that i'm friends with a lutzenberger.
by TruthWriter January 11, 2014

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