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To forcefully throw a lamp at unsuspecting hooligans.
She was popping off at the mouth and I was forced to do a drive-by lamping on her trifflin ass.

I will lamp you.

The lamp flew through the air and crashed into her face with ferocious force, thus a successful lamping.
by A&T'sAngryOvaries November 13, 2010
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chillin; hanging; relaxing crossed with stylin
With his mojito and fine cigar Dalybone was lampin like a cuban drug lord
by j dilly October 28, 2003
What happens at the Savoy in the RTC on any given Sunday afternoon!
"I am going to do some serious lamping Sunday" S.L.
by TraceLynne February 18, 2009
hanging out, relaxing, just chilling. a football team came up with it. if that means anytihng
im just lamping tonight.
by cnschick January 28, 2009
Sitting on someones face and slapping them naked.
I was totally lamping my girlfriend yesterday.
by Karl, Matt and Fran January 08, 2009
Pulling wool and coming through. For those not down with the slang lamping is "intercourse".
After I pulled that trim, I was cold lamping all night.
by Ryan Z. August 14, 2006
Chilling, hanging out, cooling down after a gongshow.
Guy #1 "After that broad we tag teamed last night, we was lampin' for hours just holdin' our testosterones!"
Guy #2 "Gross man, did not want to hear that."
by the product August 28, 2005

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