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To forcefully throw a lamp at unsuspecting hooligans.
She was popping off at the mouth and I was forced to do a drive-by lamping on her trifflin ass.

I will lamp you.

The lamp flew through the air and crashed into her face with ferocious force, thus a successful lamping.
by A&T'sAngryOvaries November 13, 2010
10 Words related to lamping
chillin; hanging; relaxing crossed with stylin
With his mojito and fine cigar Dalybone was lampin like a cuban drug lord
by j dilly October 28, 2003
to go down a field with a really strong lamp. and a dog. and you look for rabbits. that the dog kills.
From Ireland
Saturday night, Mark went lamping with his homies and their da but they didn't catch any rabbits.
by Shannon January 15, 2005
See 'Cold Lamping'
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
Putting a lampshade on your head while having sex
Dan: let's lamp

Tegan: *puts lampshade on head*

Dan: *lamps tegan*

Tegan: we're lamping!
by Maybesickwillbeourokay April 07, 2015
another word for chilling, cooling
i'm lamping with tash tomorrow.
by aphilliated February 07, 2013
When your girlfriend or boyfriend wears a lamp shade on their head and stands straight up like a lamp beside your couch completely naked. These normally ends in having sex standing up with the shade stilol oh your partners head.
William: Dude she totally lamped me last night!

Micheal: Really? I didn"t think Em was in to lamping.

William: I know right!
by WandM August 05, 2012

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