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To forcefully throw a lamp at unsuspecting hooligans.
She was popping off at the mouth and I was forced to do a drive-by lamping on her trifflin ass.

I will lamp you.

The lamp flew through the air and crashed into her face with ferocious force, thus a successful lamping.
by A&T'sAngryOvaries November 13, 2010
chillin; hanging; relaxing crossed with stylin
With his mojito and fine cigar Dalybone was lampin like a cuban drug lord
by j dilly October 28, 2003
Portmanteau of street slang and hacker talk. Lamping is chilling out coding. Originally popularized from the phrase "Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP", the acronym "LAMP" now refers to a generic software stack model.
Grab a dutch we're at my place lamping.
by desmondsdrums October 21, 2015
to go down a field with a really strong lamp. and a dog. and you look for rabbits. that the dog kills.
From Ireland
Saturday night, Mark went lamping with his homies and their da but they didn't catch any rabbits.
by Shannon January 15, 2005
Chilling, hanging out, cooling down after a gongshow.
Guy #1 "After that broad we tag teamed last night, we was lampin' for hours just holdin' our testosterones!"
Guy #2 "Gross man, did not want to hear that."
by the product August 28, 2005
Established in the USA in mid July of 2011, Lamping has become the latest trend. Initially started to mock "planking," it has become a fad all on its own.

Planking consist of simply placing a lamp shade on your head, effectively covering your head and face, and positioning yourself in an unusual place, where lamps normally wouldnt be placed. Like planking, lamping has become very competitive amongst creative individuals with too much time on their hands, while also becoming a concern to some who believe it will become just as dangerous as planking. Love it or hate it, lamping will take over FB for a couple months or so.
"I was bored and decided to have a lamping war on FB"

"I decided to lamp on the toilet today."

"I'm trying to get my dog to lamp"
by Omaña July 22, 2011
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