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chillin; hanging; relaxing crossed with stylin
With his mojito and fine cigar Dalybone was lampin like a cuban drug lord
by j dilly October 28, 2003
To forcefully throw a lamp at unsuspecting hooligans.
She was popping off at the mouth and I was forced to do a drive-by lamping on her trifflin ass.

I will lamp you.

The lamp flew through the air and crashed into her face with ferocious force, thus a successful lamping.
by A&T'sAngryOvaries November 13, 2010
another word for chilling, cooling
i'm lamping with tash tomorrow.
by aphilliated February 07, 2013
hanging out, relaxing, just chilling. a football team came up with it. if that means anytihng
im just lamping tonight.
by cnschick January 28, 2009
Placing a lampshade on your head and walking around in public with it. Liam Payne from One Direction lamps fans.
Liam Payne: I just lamped two fans!

Fan 1: Lamping is so fun!
by LiveLoveLouis March 24, 2012
When your girlfriend or boyfriend wears a lamp shade on their head and stands straight up like a lamp beside your couch completely naked. These normally ends in having sex standing up with the shade stilol oh your partners head.
William: Dude she totally lamped me last night!

Micheal: Really? I didn"t think Em was in to lamping.

William: I know right!
by WandM August 05, 2012
Luxury camping.
My family went lamping in our huge RV.
by Miesplz October 05, 2011