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to be high
those girl are so laminated (lammed)
by Flat Emily May 28, 2011
So much so that you appear shiny and two-dimensional. Usually because you are covered in saliva/beer/puke and are are on the floor.
Let me tell you pal, I got absolutely laminated last night!
by drjozard February 08, 2010
To keep it tight
'My lyics are so tight that I keep them laminated'
by andyskizzle May 23, 2004
To be severely intoxicated to the extent of pissing ones self.
My dumb-ass friend drank so much he ended up laminated.
by g-killa July 31, 2006
(n) So drunk that one's eyes appear glassy
Me, Jack, and Frank were at this wicked rippah last weekend gettin' frickin' laminated, dude!
by Moss Herder June 05, 2014