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slang for don't be sloppy or loose, as in hair weave/hair do, your outfit works, keeping your body fit, neat and clean, making your whole image work and rocking it.
Guy A: What do you think of that girl?

Guy B: Man, she keep it tight, dog.
#hairdo #neat #working it #rocking it #style
by DawnR. September 13, 2006
to not fuck sloppy, loose vaginas. (this usually happens after a woman has kids or gets old.)
Guy: OMG, do you know how long it's been since I've fucked a girl who hasn't had kids? That was amazing!
Girl: Oh?
Guy: YES, keep it tight!
#tight pussy #loose pussy #hot dog down hallway #hoover affect around the shaft #roast beef
by mr&mrsb July 01, 2011
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