An elaboration on the word lame. The epitome of lame.
Person 1: My dog got hit by a semi-truck.
Person 2: Really? Lamesauce.
by Elena Sipe June 07, 2007
When you search for a word on Google using the I'm Feeling Lucky button and it sends you to the definition of the word on Urban Dictionary.
I just clicked the I’m Feeling Lucky for a Google search for “lame sauce” and it sent me to the definition of lame sauce on Urban Dictionary, which is so lame sauce.
by rogueleadzer0 February 08, 2010
adj., to be lame, or a word of unapproval.
Guy 1: The movie was cancelled.
Guys2: Lamesauce!
by Tess Renee! January 21, 2009
totally lame.
not cool.

if it were a literal sauce,
it would be gravy, but bad
1: i got a 19 on my science test
2: that's total lamesauce!
by oh my beckett November 13, 2008
adj, adv - used to describe how weak something or someone's action is. Alternately, may be used simply as an insult, usually in specific situations where the standard run of the mill curse words simply wont suffice.
Ex 1 -

Girl: Hey, let's hang out this weekend.
Guy: That aint gonna happen cuz Im not even in the same state. I moved back home.
Girl: That's lamesauce!

Ex 2 - Dude you are such a lamesauce terdnugget!
by brown_muscles August 31, 2010
1. being very lame and or having a very lame moment; when something is epically weird

2. when you dont get what you want; losing a silly war with a friend

synonyms: lame, horrible, weird, awkward, funny
ex 1. *missing eachothers hand during a high5* WE MISSED!! WHAT LAMESAUCE!!!

ex 2. boy "AWWEH I JUST LOST THE GAME!!!!" girl "hahah thats such lamesauce."
by zokemon9637 August 27, 2011
1. Something extremly lame or stupid

2. A condament that is gross (i.e. mayonaise)
J: I flunked my paper
K: That's lamesauce

Subway employee: Mustard, Mayonaise, Pickles?
G: Hold the lamesauce
by prokevinmusic February 19, 2008
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