1. A word describing a person or situation who is currently being "lame". This word is used in a joking way and is not to be confused with the other meaning for lame- a hurt foot.
Lily: "Hey want to come by my place to help me with my homework?"
George: "No. Do it yourself."
Lily: "Ugh, you're such a lamesauce"
by Light Kururugi September 13, 2013
extremely lame. The opposite of awesomesauce; Lamesauce.

Being so lame to the extent that the lame body of the person/thing is completely converted to sauce.
The shoes were so useless and ugly they were lamesauce.

Joseph's joke was lamesauce.
by Uchihamew July 22, 2009
when something is so lame that you can collectivly use the lameness to make a sauce that you could eat

Word Credit Goes To Brandon Trostrud
ex1 : Bro Bingo night with your grandma last night was so lame sauce i went home and made nuddles to go with it

ex2 : When you said party, i didnt know it would be lame sauce

by CockMongler4020 July 26, 2010
a term meaning the opposite of something/someone that is a cool cat. it was first coined by a girl named shada morris, or darcy, her transexual alter ego, in 2008. since then, shada and/or darcy haven't looked back!
"omg my pack of smokes just flew off the balcony! lame sauce!"

"you wear underwear? that's lame sauce!"
by leftythebestfriend May 05, 2010
when one homey acts in improper or uncool fashion
Man 1: hey lets go read in the library
man 2: that's lame-sauce
by sethysauce February 25, 2006
This is a term used to describe anything that you find bad, inappropriate, upsetting, or just plain dumb.

It can also mean "the sauce of a lame man".
Boss: "I know it's your day off, but if you're not at the office in 20 minuts, you're fired!"
Worker: "Damn it! That's total Lame Sauce!"

Sierra: "Geeze Jack, your such a douche cookie".
Jack: "You know what Sierra, your Lame sauce!"
by LucidNightmare July 21, 2010
Someone or something that's lamer than lame. Green sauce that tastes salty and sweet.
That person is lamesauce.
by lamesauce1221 April 21, 2009
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