An excuse that noob admins use to boot people who are better than them.
Player: "woot! I have 20 kills and only one death!"
Admin: I'm sorry sir, but im going to have to boot you because you're lagging
#ping #packet #lagger #lagging #latency
by Mycoplasma August 06, 2006
Slow as shit
Sprint 3G lags! Its nice they sell 4G phones but are limited to 4G service.
#laggs #slow #3g #4g #sprint
by munjerthegreatst September 23, 2010
When a computer runs slowly. A common and unfair cause of death in MMOs such as WoW.
"RM me noob! If it weren't for that lag I would have kicked A$$!"
#lag #mmo #computer #virus #pc #wow
by Teh Goods November 26, 2009
when either your ping or the ping of others slows down game play in an online gaming server.
- fuck man get out of here your lagging teh server

- you are a lag whore n00b

- lets voteban this lagwhore
#dayofdefeat #counterstrike #lagger #lagwhore #lag
by MrMoto May 27, 2006
• when texting someone and the conversation is weak and or boring.

• too plain to talk to while texting/calling/ and or in person.
I don't flirt with you when we text because you lag much. our conversations are pretty boring.

I'm not talking to Becky because she's such a lag when we text. is really boring.
#lag #boring #plain #non-interest #lagging
by slangtypeshit October 27, 2014
1. The result of a slow connection which manifests itself as a failure to load.

2. The reason that guy you just emptied two magazines from an AK47 into just turned around and stabled you in the face.

3. The supposed reason that you just missed that super easy shot.
Man 1: You suck at this game!

Man 2: Its the lag I swear!
#lag #load #game #slow #computer
by howboutthis tanner March 02, 2011
A slowdown in message delivery in real-time Internet chatting, due to excessive server traffic.
"I hate this fucking lag!"
"lag test... 123"
"Sorry, I was lagged"
by Anonymous November 05, 2002
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