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When your girlfriend has to fake an orgasm because your sexual connection is faster than her's. Don't worry its not your fault she's just lagging.
She said she faked it because i wasn't good in bed but i think she was just lagging.
by XxOwnagexX September 08, 2009
An online gamer's worst nightmare. It's what happens when a good player gets killed more than he's supposed to, or when a bad player gets more kills than he's supposed to. Only elitist jackasses come close to the evil known as lag.
The professional player could not headshot the newcomer very well because the newcomer was lagging.

The n00b blamed the other player for lagging when he was getting slaughtered.
by Durango September 03, 2006
A prison name for someone who's in doing time or someone who has done time (Britain and Ireland). In use the mid 20th century and probably alot earlier too. In a song written by Brendan Behan; the old triangle.
Lag- He's an old lag, done plenty of time in Mountjoy.
by Pkinc October 28, 2009
What people using 56K or below cause while playing a multiplayer game.
Player 1 Ping 999
Player 2: upgrade ur 14.4k lagger!!1
by SC.Zee September 25, 2003
Taking your sweet as time. Falling behind.
Where the hell did Chad go? Oh, he's still inside, he always lags behind.
by 20seven April 25, 2011
An excuse that noob admins use to boot people who are better than them.
Player: "woot! I have 20 kills and only one death!"
Admin: I'm sorry sir, but im going to have to boot you because you're lagging
by Mycoplasma August 06, 2006
Slow as shit
Sprint 3G lags! Its nice they sell 4G phones but are limited to 4G service.
by munjerthegreatst September 23, 2010