A Loud Ass Giggle used commonly in texting or conversations over my space.
That girl Calyn is beautiful L.A.G
by Chance a.k.a Neon flashy July 10, 2008
Where images on a screen/monitor appear jittery due to a low frame rate. This Often happens in online gaming when people dont have a good internet connection
OMG i was muckin about online on mw2 the other day and it was actually lagging like a bitch
by Mr McSpewan April 22, 2010
that l.a.g. i grabbing a lesbian's ass
by l.a.g. May 30, 2007
The time that it takes a turbo to spin up or start working in its' most efficient range is called turbo lag. Think of it as a delay in the amount of time from when you depress the gas until the engine starts to speed up...the bigger the turbo, the longer the lag. But bigger turbos make more horsepower overall...
dang man, your car has some serious turbo lag but hey, once that baby kicks in it destroys everything on the road
by donzeki December 04, 2006
Something that plagues people in first world countries everyday by slightly inconveniencing them.
"The lag today is awful, I can't do anything on the internet!"
by Words and such. February 20, 2015
Lag is a suffix and an acronym; It stands for Like A Guy, stemmed from the phrase "He's such a fuckin guy", and therefore it's root is in fact the phrase, 'Like a fuckin guy", or LAFG. It can be used to modify, intensify, or emphasize the meaning of a word by attaching it to the end, or it can simply be used alone, as an exclamation of emotion or passion.
Guy1: "Bro, do you think Mike the Situation gets active??"

Guy2: "LAG bro, LAG."

Guy1: "You tryna get some burgerslag?"
Guy2: "Lag Bro, fuck yeah."
by fugginguy August 31, 2011
a feeling you get when stoned
"hey i smoked so much weed, im soo lag at the moment"
by baleh sima August 16, 2011

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