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Another word for cunt, used often in whatnet channels by drug users <3
Choof it up carnts!!!
by jewass January 12, 2005
The word for cunt in the Bogan dialect of Australia.
Get out of Orstrarlia ya carnt, ya raisin' the nashonol IQ ya fucken fag.
by Blah blah blah die bogans March 25, 2008
Yeah jewass got it right, he's a fucken mad carnt.
Choof it arp ya farken mad carnts!

<3 jewass
by Amcrypt February 23, 2005
All Americans, Their Carnts. Lazy Fat Carnts.. Slack pricks that talk their scummys arses up, at least australians work hard, unlike the yanks thats sit on their arses snorting crack and eating dohnuts.
At Least Australias not full of.. "Carnts"
by rammstein239 July 10, 2008
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