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A sport developed by Native Americans, then taken from them so preppy suburban white kids can be good at a sport.
White boy cant jump. White boy can wear padding and throw a ball with a stick. Black people would still be better, but prefer dunking. Weak whitie plays Lacrosse, black guy plays bball, football, basket ball, soccer. who gets paid more?
by KTKeeger July 24, 2011
A sport which involves no skill whatsoever, it requires no thinking and no dribbiling, so whoever plays it can probably score a goal at least once a game if they play offense.
Basketball: you dribble a ball and have plays.
Baseball: you think every play and have situational plays.
Soccer: you dribble the ball with your foot and have to kick it past other players.
Lacrosse: carry the ball in a stick and run past people, no dribbling or thinking involved.
by Names22 April 13, 2011
The fastest game on two feet!
played in three different venues at levels from 3rd grade or younger (on the west coast) all the way up to the professional leagues (NLL, MLL, and girly laX)

Outdoor Men's (REAL) lacrosse:
Played on a narrower soccer field.
two 6'X6' nets at opposite ends about 15 yards off the end line.
Nets surrounded by a 12' circular crease (like in hockey).
Metals sticks (some wood) made out of anything from aluminum to titanium to scandium.
plastic heads that are so vast in number it makes your head spin (very customizable with).
Leather (traditional) straps woven with nylon string or Tight weave nylon mesh (hard, soft, monster, or six diamond mesh.
Similar to soccer in that there are attackmen, middies, and defensemen.
defensemen say on their end as do the attackmen, middies go where ever they like.
goalies stay on their island (the crease).
no cross checking (like hockey) or slashing (excessive force put into a stick check) or tripping or helmet checks.
there are some technical rules involving the restraining boxes and the clearing boxes and the midline that I won't get into.
11 on 11 play (including the goalie)
Hell of a lot of fun!
Hell of a lot of contact!
Hell of a lot complex plays!
Hell of a lot of LAX

Indoor (hockey) laX:
same as outdoor except it's played on a hockey rink sized field with walls and smaller 3'X3' goals. looser on the foul calls. lots of fights in the pros (NLL... GO JAX). no off sides. 6 on 6 play (including the goalie)

Girls (funny) Lacrosse:
no offense to any girl lacrosse players, cuz i love that you love the game, but i don't get girls lacrosse.
there's no contact (kinda takes away half the fun and all the defense)
there's hardly any pocket on the sticks (no sick fakes or sick rips or easy passes)
if there was a decent girls goalie on the west coast then her team would never lose because girls lacrosse shots have more arc then my 80 yard clearing pass, not to mention i could take a nap in the time it takes for the shot to get from your sticks to the goal.
no real face-offs (they have some goofy standing one)
other wise the same at guys laX as far as technical rules and infractions.
11 on 11 play (including goalies)

Best spring spots in existence (besides Motocross (but that's not a team sport))

It's like this:
soccer + Hockey + basketball + football - gay (baseball) + Track X 100 + Metal Poles to beat on people with + style = LAX

not to rip on baseball... cuz i watch the world series game 7 only if it goes to game 7
but i compare baseball to sitting on a bench staring a wall for and hour and a half then have some beefcake, raisin nut, sack grabber through a rock at you and you have to react.
Fun fact: Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet

Fun fact: Lacrosse is the most physically demanding sport in the world next to Soccer and motocross

Fun fact: There are only 7 minutes of actual playing time in an average baseball game.

Fun fact: I've met, been coached by, and played against Casey and Ryan Powell, Brian Silcott, Brodie Merrill, most of the 2006 Syracuse lacrosse team, and most of the university of Oregon Lacrosse team (they tight)
by voudu May 02, 2007
An ultra-cool sport, with a coolness factor second only to rugby.
"Yo, you play lacrosse? Fuckin' hardcore!"
by Shard February 28, 2005
a sport that requires hand-eye coordination. It is extremely hard and only for the most talented. Some people may think its as easy as a ball in a stick, but it is much more complex. You need to be able to run, need to be able to take a beating and must be strong. You also need to be able to handle what the ref says whether he is wrong or right.
Some of the most hardest positions in lacrosse are:
The goalie is undermined because people think it is as easy as catching a ball. WRONG. Goalies must be able to yes, catch a ball but also see where the ball is going and follow it, and be able to swallow tears when the ball hits their bare skin. Midfield is also very hard too, because middys run up and down, and all over the field. Defense too, you need to be big, and loud and scream and stay on your girl and continue to guard her.

If you want to play lacrosse, you would need to be ready to be awake at 4 in the morning for a 6:00 tournament. YES TOURNAMENT.
The practices are the least fun in all of lacrosse but pays off the most. Lacrosse is the best sport ever.
I was up at 3 in the morning for my lacrosse tournament! I'm exhausted but ready for practice!
by RandomPersonlol123 May 21, 2014
a kick ass sport that is 100 times better than baseball.Anyone who plays baseball instead of lacrosse has a big gaping vagina.

Baseball players are Pussies
Sammy Sosa, muscular Home-Run hitter, misses games because he hurt his back sneezing.
Max's mom gave me head the other night because she loved the fact that i play lacrosse and not baseball like her faggot son.
by laxxxer32432 April 23, 2009
the sport men play in the spring. Instead of that pussy sport called baseball
Yo,you want to play baseball? Na im not a pussy im going to play lacrosse
by Roche April 05, 2008