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Paris Hilton is a walking sex disease
by shenehneh March 02, 2006
A clothing brand worn mostly by pretentious teenagers who have never been to Southern California, let alone gone surfing. Yet somehow, wearing Hollister makes them look "cool" even though they're A)Ugly and/or B)Have bodies that are horribly out of shape.
OMG! That fat chick with the zits looks HAWT in that Hollister top! I gotta shop Hollister so I can be cool just like her!
by Shenehneh August 11, 2008
A mid-size sedan built by Buick. It's called the Allure in Canada, because "Lacrosse" is supposedly slang for masturbation in French Canada (i.e. Quebec).
Tell me all about the Lacrosse.

Well, it's smooth and it feels really good....
by shenehneh August 25, 2005
A piece of garbage adored by redenecks everywhere. Gee, too bad you can't buy one anymore. For your info, GM discontinued the Firebird/Trans Am in 2002 due to slow sales. The Civic meanwhile, is one of the nation's top-selling cars.

From the movie White Chicks...

Brittany Wilson (holding a dildo): Never put it in your mouth. That's '80s. You might as well go buy a Trans Am!

by shenehneh April 08, 2006

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