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we're talkin a slut who only takes the best as in she'll do everythin n loves it but only w.the hotties...the highest standards possible..basically a shallow bitch who loves action and is not afraid to put it all out..
working on your thrusting lately ??? bc they do it everyyday!!! gotta keep up ...
by tiffanyy January 20, 2005
someone (like me) who really didnt MEAN to hook up w.their "friends" crush n giv him a little bit more thn tongue rite in front of her n then go around doing the same thing to the rest of her friends at the exact moment in time...n then doesnt understand y theyre so pist off at her...i mean really tho ..its not like he was her PROPERTYY they were all up for grabs n who cares...dont miss a perfect opurtunity
a little fling tht ends up hurting a "friend" but was so totally worth it if u want to be named slut of the century
by tiffanyy January 20, 2005
the best kik ass game bc it gets down n drttyy but the best part is u get to run around in skimpy little skirts n tite tank tops cradling a stik n balls..there is so better sport then lacrosse evryone whose neone should play lacrossee..if u dont like lacrosse go suk some ugly guys puny little dikk
the hottest sizzlin sport there is...stop reading about it..get out there n go play lacrosse
by tiffanyy January 21, 2005
totall white trash but pretending to b all blakkish bc its just so funn n like ya but a little bandaid on ur face n call urself ghetto just try not to get shott...i almost did haha o god u gotta luv itt!!
ghettoo fabulous as in u r so white but u really just well ..rnt so ya b all cool n blak like nelly
by tiffanyy January 20, 2005
wenn u just wanna jump some1s bones so bad u dont care whose watchinn for christs sake its a show GET UR POPCORN PPL CUZ IM HORNYY
take me home and do me...or we could just skip the take me home part and do it rite here
by tiffanyy January 20, 2005
shallow r ppl like me who just cant help themselves but fall for all the wrong ppl JUST because of their looks bc thts all the matters in their minds is social standing...social life=happiness no matter wat u half to do to get there..no1 is truely shallow but just chooses not to let themselves b hurt by not showing there true feelings because it would allow them to get hurt and they mite be "different" O NO god forbidd but unfortunatly thts the way the world works..pretty girls are shallow bitches..they are shallow bitches bc guys dont like the fact that they rnt good enuf for her so she MUST b shallow but really they rnt its stereotypical in most cases...but every hottie needs a hottie of their own so if u wanna call it shallow go ahead but its how im gonna b livingg it upp
ew no u cant date him on a hotness scale of 1-10 hes not a 12 meaning..UNDATABLEE
by tiffanyy January 21, 2005
2 meanings...number one VVERYY evil hateful laugh wen u kno ur doing something so wonderfully hateful,,numberr two the word u use as a kiss goodbye wen u really rnt gonna KISS the person so ur just like muah im outt
MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHA i hav just convinced her boyfriend to break up w.her now hes all mineee MUAHAHAHA

muah! luv yass byee
by tiffanyy January 21, 2005

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