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a derogatory term, less talented people yell out of car windows at skateboarders. usually hollered from a pickup truck.
hey.....SKATER FAG!
by landpirate December 07, 2003
Limp wristed nancy lad who likes to take it in the ass.
That kid has a skate board and thinks good charlotte is the best band ever...What a skater fag!
by dinnertimefun January 15, 2004
skateboarder who's life is governed by skateboarding everyday and buying excessive skater apparrel. Their desire for skater clothes is just as much as their desire to go skateboarding.
Skateboarder: "I just bought 2 DC jackets, 3 pairs of new jeans, and another pair of shoes this week."
Normal Person: "wow, you're such a skater fag."
by therealfuckingGOD November 29, 2008
Often confused with the standard swagfag, a skaterfag is a swagfag that has evolved to make use of its apparel. It will generally keep its former traits, including douchebaggery and faggotry, but will brag about is skating skill. A skaterfag will generally be pretty damn bad at skating, but acts as if he's Tony Hawk. If an individual were to confront a skaterfag in his life, they should be eliminated with extreme prejudice as they are a threat to all normal people. Their weakness is an extremely stupid skating dare that will most likely get them killed.
Skaterfag: Yo I was just grinding some asphalt in my new super saggy jeans #asphaltyachtclub
Normal person: Pull your pants up you fag and learn to skate properly. You look like a jackass.
by ThatNormalDude October 12, 2013
a homosexual skateboarder
last night i saw a skaterfag
by moltas August 13, 2003
Any kid who rides a skateboard on a regular basis from the north-east, especially topsfield and middleton massachusetts
im wicked gay, im gayyer than you, skater fag
by im wicked gay December 22, 2004
Something that dumbasses say to start shit and results in getting the shit beat out of them buy much cooler people.
Dummie: "Dude you're just a skater fag"
Someone Cool: *proceeds to destory "Dummie"*
Dummie" *dies*
by Miles Dan October 02, 2004
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