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An awkward, useless word that only idiot english majors would try and sneak into a conversation. -- lack of spirit, inbetween happy and sad, indifference.
English Major Idiot: "Gracious be, I'm feeling so rather lackadaisical in this moment."
English Major Idiot's friend: "Dude.. .stfu! `smack` b!tch! just say yo ain't up to doin' sh!t u motha f**ka'. . . damn. I need some friend chicken. . . you f*ckin b!tch ass. . ."

by duskins July 05, 2006
40 70
lackin spirit or life
Why are you so lackadaisical?
by Elroy Pinto May 29, 2005
74 26
lacking life, spirit, or zest : languid
Mr. Ford told the orchestra they were lackadaisical because they did play with enthusiasm and musicality.
by mdz June 07, 2012
10 10
A bicycle made for one.
A: I heard your mate broke up with his girlfriend. They were a great cycling team.
B: Yeah, he's heartbroken. He's bought himself a new bike though.
A: What is it?
B: A lackadaisical.
by JaaagMan November 06, 2012
6 13
A word usually used by one's band director to complain about a band's sound and attitude during a rehearsal. Usually used as one of the only big words the director can use.
That was a really lackadaisical attitude! Do not perform so lackadaisical! Dude lackadaisical is in our SAT test!
by SicklyOlive June 13, 2010
6 17
word meaning mellow
may have mij meaning me on the end
lackadaisicalmij mellow me
by corn February 14, 2005
11 41