An awkward, useless word that only idiot english majors would try and sneak into a conversation. -- lack of spirit, inbetween happy and sad, indifference.
English Major Idiot: "Gracious be, I'm feeling so rather lackadaisical in this moment."
English Major Idiot's friend: "Dude.. .stfu! `smack` b!tch! just say yo ain't up to doin' sh!t u motha f**ka'. . . damn. I need some friend chicken. . . you f*ckin b!tch ass. . ."

by duskins July 05, 2006
Top Definition
lackin spirit or life
Why are you so lackadaisical?
by Elroy Pinto May 29, 2005
A word usually used by one's band director to complain about a band's sound and attitude during a rehearsal. Usually used as one of the only big words the director can use.
That was a really lackadaisical attitude! Do not perform so lackadaisical! Dude lackadaisical is in our SAT test!
by SicklyOlive June 13, 2010
A bicycle made for one.
A: I heard your mate broke up with his girlfriend. They were a great cycling team.
B: Yeah, he's heartbroken. He's bought himself a new bike though.
A: What is it?
B: A lackadaisical.
by JaaagMan November 06, 2012
lacking life, spirit, or zest : languid
Mr. Ford told the orchestra they were lackadaisical because they did play with enthusiasm and musicality.
by mdz June 07, 2012
word meaning mellow
may have mij meaning me on the end
lackadaisicalmij mellow me
by corn February 14, 2005
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