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10 definitions by duskins

An assumed "food group" believed to regularly be consumed and by black people.

Toho: "Damn nigga, I's be needin's some fried chicken nigga."
Yoyo: "Nigga damn, that's why dems honkeys always be thinkins' we always eaten fried chicken and wata' melon b!tch!"
Toho: "sh!t. . . (pause) . . . I know! Lets go get some Big Macs from McD's!"
Yoho: "Word B!tch, now dats how we do, we be GANGSTA!."
by duskins July 19, 2006
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Emoticon for Satan. invented by -duskins a long time ago (no one else seems to make the claim and I haven't ever seen anyone else use it).
OVER Chat:

Bob Big Pants: Hi Duskery, want to talk on the phone?
-duskery: Die you sick B****! >:{]=

Over email:

Girl: Blah blah blah blah
-duskins reply: >:{]=
by duskins July 06, 2006
34 17
1.) a phrase used as an expression of liking something greatly. 2.) A reference to an expensive item, can be used as a compliment. 3.) Term used to express large margin deal in business (That's money!). Often used by grown men in finance, real-estate and other various forms of business.
Example 1:
Bro-ha: "Did you have da fried chicken nigga?"
Bree-wa: "Yes'sa!"
Bro-ha: "Word nigga! Now dats that's money!

Example 2:
Joey C: "How's yous like my new shoes nigga?"
Whammy b: "Damn cousin J-crazy, that's money."

Example: 3
Quitin Jones: "Boss, we got that Fresno deal signed."
Boss; "uncapped?"
Quitin Jones: "Yes'sa, no cap, minimum of 10 points just the way you priced."
Boss: "Damn son, now that's money!"
by duskins July 14, 2006
32 17
A catch phrase used by people, organizations, and credit lepers to appease other creditors, and other people and organizations waiting for money and is 1 of the top 3 lie top lies used by white males 18-65 living in the United States. ; )
Creditor: "Sir, we demand payment or we're going to repossess your car!"
Debtor: "B!tch please, the check is in the mail."
Creditor: "When did you put the check in the mail."
Debtor: "Sh!t. . . Just yesterday, probably be a few days to get through your whole billing process bull**** b!tch."
Creditor: "Okay sir, we had better see that come through or else."
<phone click>
by duskins July 05, 2006
28 16
To occupy oneself with unimportant matters and neglect priorities during a crisis.

Origin: (The source of this phrase is the story that Nero played the fiddle (violin) while Rome Burned during the Great Fire in AD 64).
duskins: "Just waiting for the time to be ideal!"
Zavah: "That time is never going to exist,why are you fiddling while Rome burns?"
duskins: . . . "oh f***." >_<
by duskins July 17, 2006
18 8
Termnology used by bicycle couriers to describe motorized 4 wheeled city vehicles. i.e., cars, trucks, taxis are the worst, blah blah.
Dude: "OMGFG! Look out!"
Dumb guy: ". . .Wha?, of F U-!"
Dude: "OMG! Dumb guy got eaten by tintop, guys, guys, sh!t!"

Sentence 1: "F@#*in' tintops"
Sentence 2: "these F*#$ing TINTOPS show us No F$(#ing respect, D#MN IT!"
by duskins June 23, 2006
12 3
@ebrake yeah, why don't you put together a Tea Party get-together in Florida and jack-off all over the crowd like at a sweet GWAR show too? That would be great and would definitely send a message. People would be stoked to bask in your MAN SQUEEZE.
by duskins December 08, 2010
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