Acronym meaning Like A Boss! "what up yo" "I'm just chillin LAB!"
Also LABBIN meaning to do something Like A Boss! "I'm just LABBIN'"
"I'm gonna look LAB when I go out tonight" "I'm just LABBIN at home"
by SDP33 February 22, 2010
Like a Boss; as in the SNL video "Like a Boss"
"That new intern is hitting on the admin. assistant LAB."
by Soupaphli April 08, 2009
stands for local ass bitch. someone who is famous but only to a certain region.
Kevin Hart got accused of being a lab because he hasn't performed in Paris, France.
by toxicity0613 August 22, 2013
a type of dog, there are several varieties including black and chocolate
look at the stupid picture, the one of the dog
by someone March 12, 2005
Like A Brother Syndrome
Similar to JAFS (Just A Friend Syndrome), nice guys tend to be the most harshly afflicted
No known cure
Girl: "Nooo don't be stupid, I could never like you like that, you're like a brother to me"
Guy: "Fucking LABS strikes again"
by whytie0 November 02, 2009
An acronym used to criticize someone when they have acted in a manner related to that of a bitch and/or did not stand up for themselves while being demeaned (i.e. they took it like a bitch, or in this case L.A.B.)
"Yo, you took that beating L.A.B."
by Ashok and Kyle May 01, 2007
an acronym for the phrase "Like a brit" used when informing people that you are talking with a british accent, and most commonly when using text, email, and other forms of technology that conflict with a person's ability to hear the actual accent.
Person 1: Would you like some tea? (LAB)
Person 2: Why yes, i would love some. (LAB)
Person 1: And a scone? (LAB)
Person 2: My gosh, I feel like the queen! (LAB)
Person 1: Jolly good, jolly good (LAB)
by Daneasaur July 31, 2011
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