Elite meaning very good, kick ass, etc. Used alot in gaming. Can also be l33t
"damn hes l337"
by Nick! November 06, 2003
A language corrupted by modern users who think alpha-numeric abbrieviations for everything is considered "cute" or "cool."

It is a beautiful language if used correctly and by the correct people. In the wrong hands it quickly becomes annoying and dirty.
! 8!54;22 +47 3l!43 5/>34X !5 />|_|2 /\/{}{)5 4{}L !5 />|_|2 C|_|/\/+ 5|_|C|<!/\/; /\/{}{)5


Pure Elite good. AOL'atized Elite bad.

"AIM" your rockets at the great instant-messaging satan.
by Kastraelie September 09, 2004
Language mistakenly thought to be started by hackers, however it was started by crackers who populated newsgroups and broke into computers for malicious purposes. Now commonly used among people with IQ less than 10 because they are compensating for the fact they that know almost nothing about computers. Sidenote- Hackers still use l337 occasionally as a way of making fun of the less intelligent.
d00dz 1 g075 73h l33735t h4><0rz 4 CS!!!
by Damien August 27, 2003
another way of saying "leet". short for elite. on a road trip up to the lake district i saw a car with l337 on their lisence plate!!! i can only hope the rather sour looking driver appreciates this legendary lisence plate.
person 1"hey look!"
person 2"wow! thats so kool!"
person 1"he better appreciate that"
person 2"yh"
by paisley July 09, 2005
Short for "Elite" in "l337 speak".
Samir Mohan is elite.
Samir MOhan is l337.
by BOLt November 27, 2004
The most annoying writing I have ever seen.
1 907 /|\/-\|) l337 5k1||z. 1 \|/1|| pwn |_||2 455
I got MAD elite skills. I will own your ass.

l337 5|_|%0|25
Leet "suxors" (sucks)
by Zug17 May 03, 2006
Originally brought up from the gutters of the great hacking from 1995-2002. This language is most found up when on forums, websites and 'clans' . The language that many use on the internet to proclaim a different style of speech.

The obsession with 'L337NESS' is to be cooler than the other guy. To be so called more 'Ub3r than the other'

A high stated person on the internet will be spoken to using this language as a sign of greatly respected value.
Although this language seems to be of the highest fashion on the internet, it's nothing but a dispectful scandal against the hackers that used it to save themselfs from the FBI.
uR ub3r L33T.
A great example to be seen of the language, visit your nearest geek forums.
by GregX July 02, 2005

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