Just a goofy way of saying Elite... Mostly used now as a joke more than anything.
I'm L337

I'm Elite
by Blag June 01, 2004
a sort of language once used to evade authority, and of people finding out about hackers on search engines, it's a language originally consiting of only numbers and letters. now it's used by assholes who think they're so cool and wannabe's who spend toouch time studying megatokyo.
l337 15 4 n1c3 7h1n9 70 u53, 1n m0d3r4710n.
(leet is a nice thing to use in moderation.)
by ephemeral bliss March 06, 2004
a system of words using numbers, letters, and other computer symbols.
4a 8b (c |)d 3e f 9g |-|h 1i j |<k l /\/\m /\/n 0o
p q r 5s 7t u \/v \/\/w x y z (in
alphabetical order.)
by Evan Macias June 09, 2005
elite speak. It used to be awesome but now it's just used mostly by geeks. The hackers invented it in the 80's. It's used way too much now by people who think it's still "cool"
Dude 1: 133t iz so k00l.
Me: Fuck you geek.
by DoomBringer316 February 10, 2004
"Many people will argue that it started with the popular game Counter Strike, but X's def. is the most correct. According to "The Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling, it was an invented language used to confuse FBI and NSA sniffing programs during Operation Sundevil, when the government placed "wiretaps" on the Killer server to find hackers. Used extensively after the E911 document scandal and the theft of Korn 78 and other UNIX programs by AT&T. Google "Fry Guy", "Terminus", "Gail Thackery", "Acid Phreak" and "Phiber Optik" for more information. Discontinued among true hackers thanks to encryption engines and PGP keys."

Now used by sad individuals, with no grasp on the english language.
You are not 'l337', you're just a stain on the underwear of life.
by aeon linear August 17, 2003
Another of the cs game codes, but has now been adopted to other games just for the fun of it.
Meant to be somone that is better than all of the rest (the guy that has 14 more kills than anyone else when you join the server).
Because of the 1^/\/\3r5 that use it it is hardly ever used anymore, ad has become restricted to making fun of people when they arent looking
some guy:1 ^/\/\ 7|-|3 1337 pwner
other guy: i hate you
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
Just another way of saying "i only get laid when i pay for it" or my only girlfriend is samus and my hand
leetguy- I am soooo 1337'
Shanjay- You dont get laid very often
leetguy- i do to get la-
Shanjay- your hand doesnt count
Leetguy- no, i am very sad arent i?
Shanjay- Very now get away from me or i will have to kill you, and i dont want to get my new shoes dirty by having to stomp the hell/crap out of somew random leet speaking handlover
by Shanjay February 27, 2005

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