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Piss and moan; whine; from the Yiddish; a person who habitually kvetches (usually used for females)
I got tired of her kvetching about my driving, so I opened the car door and pushed her out.
by cornholio October 14, 2003
Yiddish. a lesser form of complaining. never done with that well-known whiny voice of complaint.
oy gevalt, what a day. mind if I kvetch a little?
by Shwaggy November 14, 2003
To complain, from Yiddish 'kvetshn' meaning to squeeze, to complain. Originally 'quetzen,' High German, meaning to squeeze.

Also as a noun for being a complainer.
"You'd better not kvetch, or eat chozzerai, You'd better not greps, I'm telling you why... Yenta Claus in coming to town!"

Ba humbug! Ebenezer is such a "kvetch." He refuses to allow the children a little fun!
by Rena03 September 21, 2006
(v) to complain, to make a complaining sound, especially whilst plopping;

(n) a chronic complainer
(n) the complaint itself)
(Definitely a Yiddish thing...]
Only misogynists think that kvetches are primarily female.
My dad was well known as King of Kvetches in our home.
He gave such a kvetch every time he came home from work!
And nothing compared to kvetches he put out from the throne room...
by UrbanKvetch December 04, 2014
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