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1. the camera that one guy in your group likes to bring along to parties and ordinary hang outs.

2. name given to the guy that brings his camera around and takes constant pictures; often has a negative connotation.
1. Connor: "Yo I brought kutch tonight."

Ed: "Dude why? We're just broing around town."

2. Ryan: "Will you stop being such a kutch and just enjoy the party?!"
by Shegannogans September 11, 2011
praise unconditionally, unwantedly, with hyperboles.
It is derived from kannada word, kutch which means bite. It can have overtones of sarcasm also
It is used among friend groups to annoy others by 'kutching'. This works well if both take it sportively.
A:Oh no! the ATM is empty. i forgot you used it in the morning.
B: please dont kutch me.
by jagannath March 07, 2007

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