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There are 3 main meanings for the polish word kurwa:
1. literally a whore, prostitute
2. a highly offensive term for a woman
3. used as world "fuck" in English language.
Sometimes its also used instead of a comma (of course I mean in the speech - it gives time to think about next words and makes the speech/sentence more emotional)
Kurwa! Ewa mnie zdradzila! To zwykla kurwa nic wiecej! Gdyby tu byla zabilbym kurwe golymi rekami!
(Fuck! Eve cheated on me. She is nothing more then a whore. If she were here I would kill that bitch with my bare hands.)
by GreatRobin July 17, 2006
In polish language it means:
"fuck" or "bitch"
Kurwa mac. Taki sztynk, ja pierdole.
Fini to kurwa jakich malo.
by bodzio January 27, 2004
Although mainly associated with the Polish language, this word also appears in Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovak, and Russiam under the spelling "kurva".

1. Literally means whore, prostitute, bitch, slut
2. A highly offensive term when used towards a woman but can also be used to describe a man.
3. Can be used the same way as the word "fuck", "shit" and "damn".
4. Used as a comma.
Ta kurwa tak mnie wkurwia, ze bym ja najchetniej wykurwil ;)
by Koza February 16, 2007
Polish for Whore but used in grammar as a comma i.e. to break up long sentences
I was bustin for a kurwa piss but the kurwa bog was miles away so I had a kurwa slash there and then.... kurwa.
by skurwysyn January 28, 2005
All meanings are very vulgar and depending on the context include:

1. a whore,
2. fuck / shit,
3. The word can be inserted in a sentence where serves as a comma,
4. Can be used ironically, reversing the meaning of the sentence,
5. Can be used to strengthen the message,
6. Can express negative feelings about something without addressing them directly,
7. Describes somebody who's venal,
8. a scum
1. Przecież to zwykła kurwa jest.

2. Osz kurwa mać.

3. Normalnie idę sobie ulicą, a ten mnie kurwa, zaczepia jakbym ja był jego kurwa kolegą jakimś.

4. Pięknie, kurwa, pięknie.
Fajnego sobie kurwa ostanio lachona poderwał.

5. No to się kurwa porobiło.
Co ja teraz kurwa powiem mojej starej?

6. Widziałaś jakie ma kurwa włosy?
Dziękuję kurwa za taką pomoc!

7. Nasz rząd to kurwy.

8. Straszne się z nich kurwy zrobiły.

I znowu mnie te kurwy okradły!
by Agnieszka86 September 01, 2014
Polish word, meanings:
1. Whore, Bitch
2. Shit! Fuck!
Kurwa used as 'shit!' or 'fuck' is often followed by word 'mac' It doesn't really mean anything, but everybody uses it.
1. Kate is a real kurwa.
2. Oh, Kurwa! They pwned us!
3. Kurwa mac! Where is my coffee?!
by Polish rider July 27, 2006
In Polish means 'whore"
from Yiddish "curveh"
Kurwa kurwie lba nie urwie means one whore will not wring the head of another
by maska January 05, 2005
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