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a dead ugly person who stalks you and has scars on there face
by cornell haynes January 30, 2005
Engaging in the act of losing your hair at a young age.
He is only 23 and has lost all of his hair, he must be a kunkle.
by Thegreathamhawk November 20, 2005
A Kunkle is a painful course in which you are forced to do 20,000 pages of book work on eastern Asia.
Mr. Kullowatz just put me through the worst kunkle of my life!
by chrissiet April 16, 2011
When you're so fat, your Knuckles can't been seen. Also, not being able to distinguish from the back of your hand and where your knuckles should be.
I got hit by that fatty's kunkles, but it didn't hurt.
by Steparin September 23, 2009
A creepy girl from Phoenix who friends people from a highschool that she does not go to. Kunkles also freind Ohioans.
OMFG...Kunkle just friended me.

by ILOVEKUNKLE November 12, 2010
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