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A person you will never forget!
Her beauty is so fuckin stunning, it'll make you look twice!
She is way out of your league, she'll turn down every guy she meets.
ahaha, personal experience.
but yeah, she never had a boyfriend because she doesnt' want nun of ur buulll.
Boy 1 - Hey, baby.. you like wanna get a drink?

kunie - nope, sorry. kthxbai. ^-^v

Boy 2 - Dude, you totally got turned down. And I htougth you had game. -.-

Boy 1 - yea, i guess she's too good for me.

kunie - damn right. :)
by BbyDunHurtMe May 04, 2009
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a really nice, hawt chick.
she likes cute things and food.
she'll take your breath away!
Dude: Whoa, who's that babe?

Dude 2: I dunno, bruh.. but she's hawt.

Dude: KUNIE!!!!!

kunie: ya?
A nice person with good morals and ambition. A name preferably referred to a girl. She who inherits such a name is identified as cute, funny, weird, etc. One who is simple, yet mysterious. She has the most amazing smile.
Person 1: Dude, I just met a girl and she's like so cute and smart.

Person 2: Wow, really?

Person 1: Shya, but I didn't get her name.

Person 2: An amazing person like that?
I'll say you can call her kunie!
by KunieFanatic May 03, 2009
Comes from the name 'kune'. Means 'protection of the country' in Japanese. Also comes from the name 'kuni'. Kuni Country; given to girls who are born in the country
Kunie, Kunika, Kuniko, Kunimi
by awhyeah August 18, 2010

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