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Pronounced- (koo)-(nay)

A word from the Farsi language.

A slang word popular among Iranians and Afghans that means "asshole" but is mostly used as slang for "fag".
Chekhabar man look at those Americans they think they are ghetto with their Compton haha those Kunis wouldn't last one day here in the middle east.
by westcoastin March 31, 2011
As opposed to "come through" which means getting to a location by foot, bus, or getting a ride, "roll through" means to visit a location via automobile.
Example 1:

Person A- "We ran out of drinks. People are leaving the party"

Person B- "Jamal's gonna roll through well ask him to take us to the store."

Example 2-

"Ima roll through."
by westcoastin March 12, 2012

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