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1. Small boobs
2. A small orange citrus fruit, high in Vitamin C
3. A fruit (homosexual person)
4. Idiot
1. Yo, Kidjwa, that chick as some perky kumquats
2. Hey, Frank, pass the bowl of kumquats, I believe I'm coming down with the scurvy
3. Yo, John's a kumquat, he touched my butt.
4. Rick is a kumquat he doesn't know anything
by Hernando Sanchez July 09, 2006
Someone who takes christianity too seriously or someone who believes all sex is very very wrong.
Normal Girl: Oh my god! You see that HOTTIE!?
Kumquat: *crosses self* You slut! Jesus loves you! You will rot in hell!
by mibluvr13 May 16, 2005
one wicked sweet fruit. although it's actually kind of bitter.
Should I have eaten the kumquat with or without the skin on?
by Ava and Lauren May 11, 2006
A tasty little fruit that looks like a miniature orange. This yummy treat is the result of a horticultural experiment in which a dickweed was crossed with a pussywillow yielding the kumquat.
What is this a miniature orange? No it's a kumquat!
by Carrie Just Carrie (Alex idea) September 25, 2010
a young individual who goes through life constantly disappointing people with his/her infinite failures
That stupid kumquat just managed to fail at blowing his nose! How does that happen?!
by paybay July 06, 2012
Used as an insult.
Person 1: Hey there!

Person 2: Shutup you fucking Kumquat.
by Zombie_Huntr November 14, 2009
It's when you start doing a squat but then realise that your penis is leaking cum, or there is juice leaking from your kunt.
guy: Hey baby, you better start doing squats more often if you want a great ass!
girl: Ohh.. I can't.. remember last time, you know I get kumquats when that happens!
by toplulz February 23, 2014
Substance released in the form of a bullet (in shape and size) as a person squats on top of his/her partner's face; may be fruity in flavour - depends on what materials have been consumed by the kumquatter earlier.

Alternatively, a fruit of the Chinese Orange kind.
Guy 1: Man, last night I let out a couple of kumquats on her face, and I had eaten a couple of oranges earlier so she started choking - she's allergic to oranges.

Guy 2: Oh no, what happened?!

Guy 1: She died.
by DDKankerlijer March 24, 2012