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(re McAdoo, PA slang) likely to be a form of "goomba' ", which is Sicilian pronunciation of compadre (sp?) meaning godfather (yes the mafia term). "Goomba' " in the US evolved into a colloqualism for buddy.

McAdoo and nearby Hazleton have large Southern Italian populations and had notable mob presence during the early-mid 20th century.
Hey Kumba! (then 2nd person says "Kumba!"...) Wanna get a few quarts? I'll be out the back and gettin' the car.
by chaika January 25, 2010
A McAdoo , Pa. term for friend/ buddy
Hansy is my Kumba. OR can be used as hey kumba what's up?
by joe Mcadoo January 06, 2005
Another word for anal sex.
I kumba'd my girl hard last night.
by po fo life January 16, 2007