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2 definitions by chaika

(re McAdoo, PA slang) likely to be a form of "goomba' ", which is Sicilian pronunciation of compadre (sp?) meaning godfather (yes the mafia term). "Goomba' " in the US evolved into a colloqualism for buddy.

McAdoo and nearby Hazleton have large Southern Italian populations and had notable mob presence during the early-mid 20th century.
Hey Kumba! (then 2nd person says "Kumba!"...) Wanna get a few quarts? I'll be out the back and gettin' the car.
by chaika January 25, 2010
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The center of the most fundamentalist Roman Catholic area in the US if not the world. Town that sits in isolation in the PA coal region. Populated by descendants of Southern Italian and Slovak peasants who were taught by their priests never to think for themselves. Their descendants in Hazleton today have given up most of the pretty or interesting things about their ethnicity (throw fits when newcomer immigrants speak Spanish), but managed to keep the deeper and more negative traits like: "never act on your own initiative" (because that may be willfulness which is a sin). To learn more about the cultural core of this town, look up the Penn State/Hazleton professor who writes papers on superstition and Satanism in the area.
The Hispanics might be the only hope to save this town in the foreseeable future.
"Well of course the doctor can't make a mistake! That's 'cause he's a doctor! Can't you LISTEN? Don't you have any respect?" (typical Hazleton attitude and speech)
by chaika August 06, 2007
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