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Another name for pussy
I got dis gril cumming over and she got sum gud putty.
by Dat Bitch September 14, 2006
89 53
something to fill in holes
get the wood putty to cover the nail
by swimmy November 09, 2003
48 40
someone who tries to act cool to impress others, but generally ends up looking like an idiot.
"oh gosh, check her out! strutting around like she's audrey hepburn- she's such a putty!"
by banan11 May 31, 2009
18 26
Dispensible, gray warriors made out of silly putty or some other material, primarily used to battle the Power Rangers.
THE PUTTIES ARE COMING!! bolloolololololollooollooloolloolololololololo!
by MoobiusX October 26, 2004
36 44
A fat gays bum
"PUTTY ARSE" not to be confused with "Pretty arse"
by shazza bazza April 11, 2009
10 23